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May 20, 2009

your favorites please

In response (sort of) to the conversation going on over here I would like to make a list of some of my favorite female playwrights who I would like to see produced more. Please add your own favorites in the comments section. In no particular order, an incomplete list Kia Corthron Annie Baker Anne Marie Healy Anne Washburn Lisa D'Amour Liz Meriwether Liz Flahive Bekah Brunstetter Boo Killabrew Kristen Palmer Julia Cho Crystal Skillman Gina Gionfriddo Lucy Thurber Jenny Schwartz Sheila Callaghan Brooke Berman who else?


tim said...

Naomi Iizuka
Melanie Marnich
Lauren Yee
Sherry Kramer
Erin Bregman
Katori Hall
Liz Duffy Adams

Adam said...

that's great!

Who else?

Nick said...

Emily Chadick Weiss

Adam said...

great! These playwrights were sent to me from various sources:

Marsha Norman, Rebecca Gilman, Theresa Rebeck, Alexandra Cunningham, Caryl Churchill, Catherine Trieschmann, Johnna Adams, Suzan Lori Parks, Judy Juanita, Maria Rokas, Geetha Reddy, Ellen Lewis, Tina Howe, Wendy Wasserstein, Mae West, Carson McCullers, Adrienne Kennedy, Beth Henley, Sarah Jones, Kate Robin, Dael Orlandersmith, Shelagh Delaney, Polly Teale, Adrienne Kennedy, Trista Baldwin, Kira Obolensky, Maria Irene Fornes, Aphra Behn, Julia Jordan, Sarah Ruhl

who else?

Adam said...

more posted on facebook and other places:

Diana Son, Victoria Stewart, Joy Tomasko, Megan Mostyn-Brown, Winter Miller, Tina Howe, Anne-Marie MacDonald, Judith Thompson

who else?

Anonymous said...

Sally Oswald
Deborah Stein
Tory Stewart
Kristen Newbaum
Madeline George
Erin Courtney
Christina Anderson
Molly Rice

Zack said...

Paula Vogel, Johnna Adams, Laura Marks, Susan Ferrara, Brooke Berman

derora noo said...




Thank you, Adam.

derora noo said...

Elizabeth Heffron
Constance Congdon
Judith Thompson
Michole Biancosino
Lauren Gunderson
Laura Schellhardt
Kate Tarker
Christina Ham
Kathleen Akerley
Caryl Churchill
Renee Calarco
Molly Rice
Melanie Marnich
Hortense Gerardo
Jeannette Farr
Stephanie Walker

jeffrey said...

* Migdalia Cruz: FUR
* Jenny Schwartz: GOD'S EAR (probably the single best play I saw in NYC in 2007)
* Maria Irene Fornes: DANUBE, MUD
* Young Jean Lee: CHURCH

Adam said...

3 more from facebook comments

Ellen McLaughlin
Karen Wikberg
Rachel Hoeffel

Anonymous said...

Susan Glaspell and Sophie Treadwell!

Hyde Park Theatre said...

Rebecca Gilman, Ann Marie Healy, Melanie Marnich, Katherine Catmull, Monika Bustamante, and Leah Ryan

Meg said...

Sarah Kane
Cherrie Moraga
Diana Son

Jeffrey, Heck yeah Allison Moore dont forget AMERICAN KLEPTO (my personal fav.)

Heather said...

Solo performers / solo show playwrights

Lisa Kron
Staceyann Chin
Anna Deveare Smith
Nilija Sun
Ann Magnuson
Holly Hughes
Peggy Shaw
Shelly Mars
Jane Wagner
Christine Clifford
Heather Gold
Raquel Cion
Stacey Robinson
Abigail Gampel
Linda Mancini
Natalia de Campos

Hyde Park Theatre said...

I can't believe I left out Eliza Anderson (The Water Principle)

Scott said...

Susan Hodara

Tony Adams said...

Hannah Cowley
Susanna Centlivre
Elizabeth Inchbald
Joanna Baillie
Aphra Behn
Georgia Douglas Johnson
Susan Glaspell
Sophie Treadwell
Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda
Helene Cixous
Tanya Saracho
Betty Shamieh
Astrid Saalbach
Susan Merson
Ninna Tersman
EM Lewis
Jennifer Fawcett
Irene Fornes
Lorraine Hansberry
Caridad Svich
Alice Childress
Sheila Callaghan
Naomi Lizuka
Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz
Shirley Graham
Ana Caro
Young Jean Lee
Lynne Alvarez
Caryl Churchill
Lynne Nottage

I'm sure there's a ton I'm forgetting . . .

Adam said...

keep em coming

no one could ever say there aren't enough great female playwrights

Arlene Hutton
Kate Walat
Naomi Wallace
Moira Buffini

lemongirl said...

My two favs right now are:

Carson Kreitzer
Callie Kimball

I love Anna Deveare Smith so much I have to mention her, even though someone else already did.

Anonymous said...

an fyi to those in NYC:
The Women's Project is producing a new sight specific piece at the World Financial Center on June 3-6which features the writing of Crystal Skillman and Bekah Brunstetter (among others). It's free so you should check it out:

Michael McWatters said...

Stefanie Zadravec

LekoGirl said...

Amy Freed is an absolutely brilliant writer, and person. Her work is hysterical!

Anonymous said...

Rinne Groff
Deb Margolin

Anonymous said...

Margaret Edson

Slay said...

Jennifer Fawcett

JTB said...

Sarah Ruhl
Diana Son
Young Jean Lee

derora noo said...

Yes! Of course, Stefanie Zadravec, who wrote Honey Brown Eyes.

And I love Sophie Treadwell's "Machinal."

This list makes me so happy!

working group said...

Jennifer Fawcett no doubt.

Christen Clifford said...

I'm honored someone added me as a solo playwright. I would also add

Wendy Weiner
Elyse Singer
Jenny Lyn Bader
Karen Malpede
Susan Bernfeild
Erin Cressida Wilson
Lillian Ann Slugocki

Thanks for this GREAT list!
Christen Clifford

Anonymous said...

Stephanie Fleischman
Phyllis Nagy
Lynn Nottage
Kirsten Greenidge
Marie Irene Fornes
Monica Raymond
Laura Henry
Caryl Churchill
Lois Weaver
Peggy Shaw

Qui Nguyen said...

I gotta give some love to the ladies of the Ma-Yi Writers Lab:

Carla Ching
Michi Barall
Mrinalini Kamath
Rehana Mirza
Patty Jang
Nora Chau
Nandita Shenoy
Suzanne Lee
Maureen Sebastian

Eric Pfeffinger said...

I think there are some repeats in here, but:

Erin Courtney
Lydia Diamond
Trista Baldwin
Mia McCullough
Quiara Alegria Hudes
Marisa Wegrzyn
Ruth McKee
Johnna Adams
Lauren Weedman
Sarah Treem

...and if every theater were doing Naomi Wallace and Young Jean Lee, I probably still wouldn't get tired of them.

Anonymous said...

Tanya Barfield
Courtney Baron
Laura Maria Censabella
Cusi Cram
Lisa Dillman
Catherine Filloux
Sheri Wilner
Anna Ziegler

Anonymous said...

Andrea James
Tammy Anderson
Margaret Hollingsoworth
Andrea Hairston

Janer said...

Ellen McLaughlin, anyone?

Patrick Gabridge said...

Ginger Lazarus
Kirsten Greenidge (mentioned once, but worth a repeat)

brian said...

Sigrid Gilmer.
Sibyl O'Malley.
Jane Pickett.
Vicki Grise.
Elaine Avila.

TM said...

Kara Lee Corthron
Naomi Wallace
Jane Shephard
Young Jean Lee
Tanya Barfield
Adrienne Kennedy
Maria Irene Fornes
Cori Thomas

Claire said...

Molly Smith-Metzler
Emily Schwend
Katori Hall
Andrea Ciannavei
Liz Meriwether