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Jan 1, 2010

requests, please

Who are the playwrights you would most like to see interviewed that I have not yet interviewed?  I can't do everyone, and not everyone may necessarily want to do it but I am interested to hear who you want to hear from.


Mead said...

Adam, Portland Ore. has an amazingly high number of excellent playwrights -- amazing, I mean, because Portland's not a big town and has a shocking dearth of venues for new playwriting, yet we're blessed with all these superb writers. You've already spoken with the fab Steve Patterson, and in addition I would nominate Matt Zrebski, Andrea Stolowitz, Nick Zagone, Hunt Holman, Sam Gregory and Ellen Margolis, and that's just scratching the surface...

Also, this may surprise you, but in recent years Michael Rohd (AD of Sojourn Theatre) has come to the fore as a writer, and has constructed some astonishing theater works in a way that's intriguing and felicitous. Worth checking out.

Mead said...

Also some up-and-comers to watch:

Claire Willet
Eugenia Woods
Marc Acito (yes, the author)

Heath said...

Maybe not now because she's pretty new but LOUISE FLORY had her first play at The New York International Fringe Festival back in August. Interesting stuff. I knew her work as an actor before that and was kind of rocked by the play.

cgeye said...

Josh Hartwell, Rebecca Gorman and Edith Weiss, in Denver. We have a lot of theatre companies, but few companies that consistently do original work. Also, go old school: Mac Wellman, Erik Ehn.

Jona Tarlin said...

Would love to see interviews with Bruce Norris, Peter Sinn Nachtrieb, Jordan Harrison, and a second for Erik Ehn.

I love your blog, look forward to it every day.

Tony Adams said...

I'd love to see interviews with Betty Shamieh, Jennifer Fawcett, Sean Christopher Lewis--and in Chicago Tanya Saracho, Mickle Maher, Rohina Malik, and Kristiana Colón. And that's probably just scratching the surface.

Lucy said...

Julie Hebert in LA
John O'Keefe in San Francisco

Stand Up Guys said...

In LA:

Jose Rivera ("Marisol," "Each Day Dies With Sleep")
Eric Overmyer ("On the Verge; or, The Geography of Yearning")

Brian Bauman said...

Sigrid Gilmer, Jerome Parker, Sibyl O'Malley.

Paul Litzer said...

A. John Boulanger (Austin, TX) - House of Several Stories

Ash said...

Harrison Rivers,
Young Jean Lee,
Richard Maxwell,
Michael Lew,
Polly Stenham,
Lucy Prebble,
Adriano Shaplin,
Will Eno,
Adam Rapp,
Adam Bock.

I would like more interviews with playwrights that devise work with actors and directors.


99 said...

Paul Mullin is a buddy of mine and doing some interesting stuff in Seattle.

Deborah said...

Sylvia Reed in Florida. SPF 2008 and London last summer, The ones That Flutter.

Mead said...

O god, just to second what Lucy said: Julie Hebert. Please interview her, she is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Laura Jaqmin
Dana Lynn Formby
David Robinson
Reggie Edmund