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Sep 30, 2010



As part of MCC Theater's Playlab series:

Monday, October 25, 7:00 p.m.

THE FAT CAT KILLERS by Adam Szymkowicz

Directed by Ethan McSweeney

When Steve and Michael get laid off from their work-a-day “lives,” their heads start swimming with sexy possibilities – i.e., pristine Mexican beaches flush with bikini babes. The road to bikiniville begins with a plan to kidnap their ex-boss, and quickly devolves into a hilariously ill-conceived mission to bring down and destroy The System itself. One CEO at a time.

All readings are at Baruch (151 East 25th) and start at 7pm, followed by the customary hour of mingling, wine and snacks.


Nerve in London  (production #8)

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