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Jul 7, 2011

I Interview Playwrights Part 368: Dana Lynn Formby

Dana Lynn Formby

Hometown: Cheyenne Wyoming

Current Town: Chicago Illinois

Q:  What are you working on now?

A:  I am currently working on rewrites for Corazón de Manzana that will be starting previews August 20th of this year. I am also working on a rewrite of my play American Beauty Shop. 

Q:  Tell me, if you will, a story from your childhood that explains who you are as a writer or as a person.

A:  My brother and I pulled our bow and arrows on each other in our shooting range in the back yard. We were about four feet from each other. Dad had to talk us down. I guess this memory explains a lot about my writing because we were laughing together a few seconds before and ready to kill each other in that next moment. Dad took the shooting range down that afternoon.

Q:  Who are or were your theatrical heroes?

A:  Charles Smith for being my mentor, and for writing such palpable disturbing images in his plays. Lynn Nottage for her ability to find beauty in dark places.

Q:  What kind of theater excites you?

A;  Inexpensive and down to earth. I come from a Blue Collar Background and was not raised to go to the theatre. When I see a show my folks would love, that makes me happy.

Q:  What advice do you have for playwrights just starting out?

A:  You have to tell the critic in your brain to go get a bag of chips while you write. He can come back later and tell you stuff, but he shouldn’t be there while you are creating. 

Q:  Plugs, please:

A:  My play Corazón de Manzana opens at the DCA Store Front theatre on August 26th and runs through September 26th. Here is a link

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