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Feb 13, 2012


This Sat (Feb 18) a reading of Fat Cat Killers in nyc  http://fireworktheater.com/winter-reading-series-2012#4

Next Wed, (Feb 22) a reading of Where You Can't Follow in Orange County, CA  http://www.chancetheater.com/season_2011/sp_otr/index.php

Starting Feb 23, Pretty Theft at Beloit College in WI http://www.beloit.edu/news/?story_id=341770&textonly=1

In March, Food For Fish at Armstrong in Savannah, GA http://www.armstrong.edu/Liberal_Arts/amt_box_office/amt_masquers_present_food_for_fish

Coming in March, A web series I wrote--Compulsive Love  https://www.facebook.com/compulsivelove

This spring, Incendiary in Chicago  http://www.wishbonetheatre.org/

This summer, Hearts Like Fists at Theatre of Note in Los Angeles http://www.theatreofnote.com/

In the fall, Hearts Like Fists at Flux Theater Ensemble in NYC  http://www.fluxtheatre.org/2011/12/help-us-bring-alive-our-season-five/

And possibly 8 other productions this year which aren't online yet.  And plenty of readings too.

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