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May 11, 2012

Long Live 13P

The thirteenth play from 13P is going to go up soon (a new play by Sarah Ruhl).  Now 13P has said that after that play they will cease to exist which is both sad and kind of spectacular.  They have been an amazing force in New York theater and I can only hope another group of playwrights decides to harness their own collective energy to self produce the way 13P has.  I'm waiting to find out who that would be.

My question to you is, if you were creating your own band of super playwrights, who would be your 13 playwrights (or 14 or 15)?

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Laura Natusch said...

This moment's ever-changing list: Carson Kreitzer, Sheila Callaghan, Will Eno, Sarah Ruhl, Len Jenkin, Jon Robin Baitz, Jose Rivera, Annie Baker, Saviana Stanescu, Tarell Alvin McCraney, Young Jean Lee, Adam Bock, Adam Rapp, Greg Moss. And Fornes, in too poor health but always a hero and inspiration.

In real life, though, I've learned and been supported by members of The Planning Stage, especially Kato McNickle and Michael R. McGuire. A group of playwrights who will help you develop new work is invaluable. If you can't find one, build one.