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Oct 14, 2013

Theatre Plays and other stuff I'm doing

Tonight in Chicago, a reading of my play Where You Can't Follow.  Here is an interview I did for it.  

UBU just closed in NYC.  I wasn't able to see this incarnation but I hear the run of UBU at Intar went great. 

some pull quotes from all 3 incarnations:

Critic’s Pick:  “Obeying its inspiration’s spirit (if not its letter), Adam Szymkowicz’s Ubu shocks and delights by the expedient method of sitting on you and bouncing up and down till you surrender to it in gasping, helpless glee.” –Time Out New York

“Twisted and hilariously absurd, ‘Ubu’ is a play that refuses to be ignored.” –Show Business Weekly

“It's raucous and profane and visceral as all get-out… And Szymkowicz seems here to be stretching in an exciting and surprising way. These artists' collaboration exemplifies the kind of raw, unusual work that NYC's summer festival scene specializes in.” --nytheatre.com

“a surrealistic ejaculation of noise and ideas and motion which constantly breaks convention. If you like daring, vigorous and unconventional theater, do not miss this play.” –Theater Pizzazz

“worth a good look.”—New York Theatre Review

There's a new glossy called NY Theatre Mag that is BEAUTIFUL.  I did an interview for them with Halley Feiffer and wrote an article about Ryan Andes.  You should probably subscribe to it. 

Finally here's an extra for Compulsive Love.  Melissa in the Break room.  2 more to come and don't forget to come see us at NYTVF later this month.


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