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Jul 10, 2014

My play Clown Bar extended!!!

photo by Suzi Sadler

Clown Bar, my clown noir play, soon to be published by Sam French is enjoying a remount from last year in the super fancy space, the Box on the Lower East Side with almost all the same cast. www.pipelintheatre.org  It just extended until Aug 23.

Here are some nice things people have said about the play:

Critic’s Pick; “Adam Szymkowicz’s script is unabashedly silly but also shrewd, paying homage to film noir and pulp novels.” --New York Times

"Mr. Szymkowicz has created a new world out old parts, breeding a brand new species of creative animal. He is, in fact, making his own rules – and the pleasure of obeying them is all ours." –New York Theatre Review (2013)

“Throughout the show, enjoyable pauses in the action allow for a song, dance, joke, a reenactment, shoot-out, etc. It is a testament to the strength of Mr. Szymkowicz’s writing that the tight narrative framework of Clown Bar supports these kooky interruptions. Clown Bar is a really gratifying theatrical experience, silly but also moody and mysterious.” –New York Theatre Review (2014)

“completely ridiculous and utterly heart-wrenching.” –Charged FM

“(an) exceptional theatrical experience.” –Theater Pizzazz

“Clown Bar is a top notch immersive event that is unique and bound to be a cult favorite.”--Theatre In The Now

“Due to the cleverly written script by Adam Szymkowicz, the show is such a marvelously detailed and novel spoof of the genre.” --Theater Scene

“a campy and clever play… Written by gifted scribe Adam Szymkowicz … Clown Bar is an entertaining riff on the old Hollywood crime dramas from the 1940s. A charming indulgence, we recommend donning your best clown nose and catching this scrappy production before it packs into its clown car and zooms away. –Flavorpill NY

“The script is tight and funny—hard-boiled schtick.” --The Fifth Wall

“Adam Szymkowicz’s script is a case study in meticulously crafted playfulness… some of the most quotable lines ever heard in a play… Clown Bar is a fantastic way to spend your evening. If you love clowns, go see this show. If you hate clowns, go see this show.” --nytheatre.com

“Clown Bar does detective story spoofs one better by employing every single familiar crime-movie trope — brooding hero, crazy crime boss, conflicted gun moll, hooker with a heart of gold — and making them all...well, clowns. It’s weird how well this works: playwright Adam Szymkowicz has combined two inherently ridiculous forms of entertainment and created a perfect storm of ridiculousness.” --Theatre Is Easy

“There’s not a streak out of place in Clown Bar‘s greasepaint; I can’t think of a better nightcap than the shot of extra funny currently being served by Pipeline Theatre Company.” --That Sounds Cool

“original and terrific… a wonderful idea, dark and funny with priceless moments.” –Time Square Chronicles

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