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Jul 20, 2015

I Interview Playwrights Part 763: Stella Fawn Ragsdale

Stella Fawn Ragsdale

Hometown: Powell, Tennessee.

Current Town: I split my time between Sunnyside, Queens and the Hudson River Valley.

Q:  Tell me, if you will, a story from your childhood that explains who you are as a writer or as a person.

A:  I actually identify first and foremost as a farmer. Still not sure I identify as a person.

Q:  Tell me about your play in Summer Shorts, Love Letters to a Dictator.

A:  It’s about an unworthy American farmer upon whom the Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-il, bestows his great and glorious wisdom.

Q:  What else are you working on now?

A:  Finding new and greater ways to praise the Supreme Leader.

Q:  If you could change one thing about theater, what would it be?

A:  More censorship. Freedom of speech is overrated.

Q:  Who are or were your theatrical heroes?

A:  Kim Jong-il. Kim Jong-un. Dennis Rodman.

Q:  What kind of theater excites you?

A:  State-controlled theater.

Q:  What advice do you have for playwrights just starting out?

A:  Write plays that glorify your government. Make yourself a tool of the State. Don’t talk about South Korea.

Q:  Plugs, please:

A:  North Korea is #1! Also, Summer Shorts.

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Rhianna Frank said...

Is there a way to contact Ms. Ragsdale?