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Oct 2, 2019

Audrey Cefaly's playwriting vocabulary

Audrey wrote a cool list about playwriting terms: 
"Fellow playwrights, these are my words for playwright-erly things. Many of them are maybe a little unorthodox, words not typically used in this fashion, but ones that work for me. The idea is to sort of look beyond what's taught in textbooks and give names to techniques that are often undocumented, overlooked and undervalued.  In any event, they work for me, maybe they'll work for you too.  In no particular order..."
that thing where you devise a little something interesting to bubble up into a scene every now and then, and maybe it's never fully explained but delightful nonetheless because not everything needs an explanation; it can just be lava or whatever you want it to be
it's that moment (a skipped heartbeat kind of moment) when a character notices, with undeniable clarity, something of great significance; a solid radar strike...​
that line you write for a character to be delivered breezily as they pass through the scene and to them it means nothing but to the other character it is total devastation
a cry of pain; a very quick sharp burst of a line uttered by a character in response to agonizing emotional pain or torment
that thing or moment in a script that is so perfect, so right, so genuinely spot-on that, in its absence, the world would stop spinning

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