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Apr 22, 2005

The amazing google translator

I've discovered something wonderful. When you use the google translator to translate something from english to another language and back again, it takes your words and creates something completely different. I fed a short play into it. Here's the opening monologue: First the English ED I’ve been careful, always very careful. Before touching a woman I put on rubber gloves. Some women are taken aback sure, when you pull out rubber gloves and dental dams but what kinds of women are those?—women that know they have diseases. And those are not the type of women I want to know in any case. So when people ask me if I’m upset at being a virgin at my age, I say no way. I’m just looking for a clean woman. I am not against kissing—I just want to make sure her mouth is well cleaned first. If she would brush her teeth and then gargle with mouthwash for a minimum of sixty seconds. I, of course would also brush and mouthwash. I like cleanliness, that’s all. We are all dirty. God knows I scrub my hands before putting those rubber gloves on. SNOW translated into Korean and back into English with google. Attention is deep and the ed I ' ve which is, attention it is deep always quite. Before touching the woman, above being born, it put the milky lotion gloves. You at the outside yu with the misfortune gloves but it will be stimulated type guy multi dentistry dam of the woman who knows the disease which will have they the those? The women time, el the E for woman has the aback which is positive and it goes. And they go out and inside the what kind of box the egg is not the shedding of blood of the woman. It is a virgin in my age to turn over and the I ' M it puts, when or it does not talk a method, when the person asking in in me, is like this. Only it searches for the purity one woman the I ' M The kissing which is born? The I about under direction only it was positive, it manufactures and the her mouth it is well cleaned first anh it is not. Her sixty seconds for a minimum in the mouthwash the her and that time when gargle brush quality. I of process, and under mouthwash brush quality. that ' S all it likes the purity which is born. We all more lep c. It went out and that milky lotion gloves before putting the thing above, it removes my hand the fact that it wore, it holds. Oh those milky lotion gloves! In some languages my character, Ed, is "Staple," in another "Wedge," another "And" and another (Chinese, I think) Ed is translated as "Mandrel" which merriam webster says is a usually tapered or cylindrical axle, spindle, or arbor inserted into a hole in a piece of work to support it during machining b : a metal bar that serves as a core around which material (as metal) may be cast, molded, forged, bent, or otherwise shaped. 2 : the shaft and bearings on which a tool (as a circular saw) is mounted. You know. An Ed. Something can be done with this. As long as Google doesn't do something whacked like fix this. If that is even possible. The poetry of the modern age.

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