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Jun 3, 2005

Things that sparkle on Friday

There are reasons to write things down --there are open doors with holy landings and flaps of land that jut out where you don’t expect them. When we stand in line and try to move forward, we find we are stuck in the mud, and we know some stand like giants and some fall like villagers and some thrash about when you haul them from the water. They are unhappy as we are and they have a mind to claw the earth in prayer when they think they have come to a house to sing really. It is perhaps the thought of transgressing all they know and love or it is likely thoughts of swimming in open water but it is conquerable and fast and brings the blood to their tawdry faces. You try to look down of course because you know too many people can see the ground on which you stand and can tell you in fact you will never ever learn to swim. Not here anyway. Child of the mud. Sorry bout that. Just had to let it out. If you don't sometimes let such things out, you will explode. Of course, I didn't have to publish it on the internet for all to see but I have a nagging suspicion that no one reads this blog in any case. On Fridays I am told, I will be let out at 1--let out to frolick in the city as I wish, to spend that extra 4 hours in silent meditation or prayer or vandalization or swallowing chopped up pieces of piano or however else I choose. www.adamszymkowicz.com

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