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Jul 25, 2005

Where have you gone, sun man?

It's dark out today and rainy. I am having depressing thoughts but I blame the weather. It's too dreary and wet. At least Seattle won't be like that, right? We leave early Wed morning. I can't wait. I simply can't wait. They say there's a space needle. I'm not sure what a space needle is for but f*ck, yeah, I want to see one! As part of the magic of taking a plane to the west, we leave at 7am and we ride for 6 hours but when we get there it's only 10am! Can you imagine?!! That's just the beginning, I'm sure of a mystical and surprising ride of delight in the city of ten thousand happinesses.


Frenchy said...

Oh it's sunny and hot over here.
Supposed to be like this all week.
Perfect perfect Seeattle weather.
We wait all long winter for this.
And it's finally here.
You are going to love it here.

Lbuller said...

Seattle is all about mystical magic...soak up the cool nights coupled with the humidity-free days! Ahhh, Seattle.

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