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Aug 1, 2005

Jetlag and Duck Itch

I may be too tired to say anything intelligent yet. I am still in Seattle and there are many wonderful things here. The Seattle folks are great. The wedding was great. The views here are spectacular although it is touristy down by the waterfront and there are lots of homeless people here--a disproportionate amount it seems. And there are a lot of nice fountains and seagulls but it still smells like piss or fish sometimes. And I saw a couple of bums beating each other up on the pavement yesterday. In short--it's still a city, though really a nice city to live in. If NY theatre wasn't such a beacon . . . but alas. The mountains. I could look for hours at the snow-capped mountains over the water. Anyone ever hear of duck itch before? Apparently I narrowly escaped it.

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Jason Grote said...

Please contact me as soon as possible regarding duck itch. I think I might have it.