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Aug 4, 2005


At work they gave me a stack of projects upon my return. Gone are the good old days when I could relax. Starting to write a new play tentatively titled Food for Fish: A Novel in a Bottle. It's about men and women and how they are different and the same and how they get along. Maybe there should be something about that in the title. It was nice and cool in seattle. Seventy, eighty degrees. Sunny almost the whole time--which they say is rare. And mountains. I didn't grow up around mountains or water but I could see how they could be missed. P.S. Can anyone recommend a good novella or two written in first person?--I'm studying to write a one-person show. www.adamszymkowicz.com


apple schreck said...

One of my favorites is "Dog of the South" by Charles Portis. The first sentence being: My wife Norma had run off with Guy Dupree and I was waiting around for the credit card bills to come in so I could see where they had gone."

I'll loan it to you.

P'tit Boo said...

I believe the said "Apple "here above, has written one of the most amazing solo shows that I have ever read.
"Backward into China" which has one of my favorite lines in the whole world :
Solitude is the privilege of the great. .
Yah, I think she might have a copy lying around. If not, the Seattle Public Library does.

Adam said...

I've heard this about apple but apple refuses to let me read her stuff. Perhaps I can get it underground in one of the ways you say.

Dorothy said...

God.... she has to let you read that one !!!!
Otherwise that beautiful building here has it. I might even be able to make a copy but that would be silly considering Apple is blocks away from you !

Adam said...

I think maybe K has it somewhere. If not, I'll bully this apple.