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Sep 9, 2005

Blog review from AZ

The best review I've ever received About my short play Save Oh. But my favorite was Save. You know how I sometimes talk about how such-and-such is a "perfect" story? Save is a perfect story, perfectly told. Thank you jamiam from livejournal. Note to Larry: You see the kind of self congratulating posts I am forced to put up? Get me that article I commissioned.


Anonymous said...

The "best" review, or the most soothing to your ego?


Adam said...

The best means the most positive, not the most accurate, Anonymous, dear.

Floyd Britchcraft said...


Anonymous said...

Oh look at me! I'm Adam Szymkowicz, and I have people fawning all over me!

My blog is a sweatshop and if people don't write stuff for it, I flog them! It's a Flog-Blog.

That's jut the kind of Juilliard-attending fascist that I am.

Actually, I do want to send you my Rewriting Manifesto but I have to start writing it first. And I will do that when I finish my rewrite. Which I will do in 2008.

Adam said...

Thank you, Larry. You describe me perfectly. I guess you can see why I want you to write for my blog. It's the clarity of thought. And because you fawn over me.

Anonymous said...

I kid because I love