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Sep 8, 2005

Juilliard Days

Except for having to get a physical at 9:40 tomorrow morning and possibly having to get some shots of some sort, Juilliard is a magical dreamworld so far. Keep in mind I have not yet begun classes, however, there is plenty of talk of support. Free photocopies. Free mailing. Free classes (if I have the time, which I probably don't. Rehearsal space is available apparently. Also some amount of money will be given to us. Any amount of money thrills me to the core. And apparently there will be help with our professional lives--advice of course, help with where to send plays perhaps phone calls made on our behalfs. They basically said to us today tell us what you want--challenge us and we'll see what we can do. and we all get golden chariots. I spent many hours watching actor monologues today--I am bleary-eyed but saw some good stuff some mediocre stuff and some great stuff. Tomorrow I will see many more actor monologues.

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