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Sep 29, 2005

scene 13 from play in progress

THIRTEEN (SYLVIA in streetlamp.) SYLVIA This is how it was. I decided I would set about to understand him even if he didn’t want to show me the parts of him I wanted to see. The boy had led his life as an enigma, never letting anyone see more than they had to. But I was an investigative reporter. I would crack this wide open. With a sledgehammer if I had to. Something you should know about me if we’re going to continue—sometimes I use a sledgehammer when a hand is all that’s necessary and sometimes I use a hand when maybe a word would do. Tonight was one of these nights. I didn’t know how to choose—what were the rules to this venture? What were the signals? The body language? I tried to pick someone who appealed, who seemed lonely, someone who had shoes I liked and who walked in a way I wished I walked. Someone different, someone better. (SASHA appears in a streetlamp) SYLVIA I saw her and immediately knew she was the one. What did he say? That it must feel right before it feels wrong? It felt right or it felt something—something buzzing and nice and scary all at once. SASHA Excuse me. SYLVIA Huh. SASHA Do you know where there’s a liquor store around here? SYLVIA Ummmm. There might be, uh. (SYLVIA leans forward and kisses her. SASHA backs away and then slaps her.) SASHA Don’t you ever do that! Don’t you ever do that! (SYLVIA crumbles to a heap on the ground.) SYLVIA I’m sorry. I’m sorry. SASHA (backing away.) You just shouldn’t do that. Don’t ever do that. (Exit SASHA.) (SYLVIA sobs.) (On the other side of the stage in another streetlamp, ALICE is walking alone. BOBBIE approaches her. SYLVIA continues to sob.) (BOBBIE and ALICE look at each other. They stop. They continue again towards each other. They stop. It is almost like a dance. Then they are together and they are kissing. ALICE’s eyes are closed. She becomes elated, he, more depressed and then he is gone.) ALICE Oh. Wow. (A loud sob from SYLVIA.)

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