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Oct 1, 2005

Call me Nomad

IT is like this. I am very close to finishing this play. so close I can see it but then maybe I have to fill in another 5 to 10 pages here and there. I will bring it to class, I will bring it to my writer's group. But I must finish it--today perhaps tomorrow perhaps monday but I must do it soon and maybe I should stop bloggin and get to it. I've got this flashdrive which allows me to be the computer nomad I am--hopping from Columbia computer to Juilliard dorm computer to my own computer no matter what is apple and what PC. They all answer to that which is the flashdrive. If you are a nomad like me, I reccomend them. It's like a disk. Right now I am in a small computer room in a Juilliard dorm with a bunch of 17 year olds who are all prodigys at something I'm sure. I went to some Prelude fest and will attend more later. And then the party where Sheila and Soph will play music apparently. I love parties with music and theatre people and alcohol. I hope alcohol. Hmm...I semm to still be posting and not writing this play. Damn you highspeed free internet! Damn you!


Hikaru said...

You continue to be my mentor when it comes to deterimination in finishing your plays.

On sidenote: Horns are now sprouting out of my head by the sheer mention of alcohol during my no carb week. Waaaah!

Adam said...

thanks, Hikaru! I support your effort to not be a total alcoholic.