Friday, October 21, 2005


Hey everyone who reads my blog! Hey! Are you listening? My friend, Larry Kunofsky, new york playwright extroadinarie wrote a tremendously good 10 minute play. Who wants to produce it? I will not get an agent's fee for each production, but I will get me some articles for you dear blog readers. See below --- Larry Kunofsky wrote: > > > > > maybe if you tell people on your blog that i wrote > a > > really good ten minute play, people will come > after > > me > > and produce it. > > > > then i'll be a regular guest-blogger for you. > > > > oh, the essays I will give you! > > l


Anonymous said...

yer a stinker!

hpmelon said...

Ok, so I cannot produce it, but, if interested, Washington DC has a Carnival of new works every Jan.

and we are starting our own Fringe Fest next summer...

That's all I got.

Adam said...

cool! Thanks!