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Oct 18, 2005

Thanksgiving Play

Come on, people! This thanksgiving play is not going to buy itself. So far we're looking at shows in Chicago, IL and Graysville, IN this year. That is if the kids can learn their lines. I've got confidence in them. But still, that's only two schools. And I'm sure there are a few illegal showings as well, but still. People need to learn about Thanksgiving. From my play. Don't you think your elementary school should do this play too? Remember, kids who love theatre become adults who love theatre. And kids who love turkey...well I don't know about that. I'm allergic, myself.


RB Ripley said...

I did a similar play a thousand years ago when I was in elementary school, though it lacked humor. Thank you Mr. Playwright, for remembering that kids tend to populate school plays. Hope a hundred other school stage this.

Adam said...

thanks, man. appreciate the positive thoughts--other
people prolly think I'm a hack for doing it, but my sister asked me to write something so I did. I didn't have to try and get it published or have to talk about
it so much but...so you see. at least I'm not writing TV--although I'm just waiting for someone to ask me.