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Oct 17, 2005

So last week I helped oraginze this event at Columbia--screening of Good Night and Good Luck which was written by George Clooney and Grant Heslov and directed by Clooney. I was quite impressed with the film. There was a panel discussion afterwards and I was surprised how smart, funny and charismatic Clooney was. The film was obviously a labor of love. link to interview with clooney and heslov. K and I were talking about it after--in theatre you forget that there are other groups of people who are concerned about other things that aren't theatre. All over the city (and the world) are passionate intelligent people interested in say journalism or sculpture or architecture and have interesting and illuminating things to say about such things. Normally I just hear the people who are speaking about theatre. I hear a little bit about Journalism for my job and have become more interested in where Journalism is headed since working here and I know K talks a lot and reads a lot about educational theory, but mostly I read and talk to people constantly about writing theatre about what it is to be a theatre person (poor and underappreciated usually) and how theatre should best be made. Anyway I got off the topic which was that Good Night & Good Luck was inspirational. The thing I came away with most is the idea that both Murrow and McCarthy were each other's downfall. The reward for rocking the boat is sometimes that you don't get your mainstream audience. And sometimes someone makes a film about you. Either way I wanted to be murrow--the guy who was saying--no this is not right and we should do something about it despite this pressure. The press is feeling this pressure right now in perhaps a more subtle and insidious way. --- I was thrilled to see, Pete and Carolyn, although only briefly, as they made their NY tour. Had a few beers and a lot of Chinese food. Good to see you two.


RB Ripley said...

Nice insights. I, too, was struck by how responsible the two men were for one another. I liked the movie a great deal and am envious of your good fortune to organize/attend this function.

Let me know next time you're gonna have George over, okay?

pete. said...

Good to see you too!