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1000 Playwright Interviews The first interview I posted was on June 3, 2009.  It was Jimmy Comtois.  I decided I would start interview...

Oct 17, 2005


There was (I hear) a homecoming rally at Juilliard. What sort of game do they have at Juilliard, you may ask? Why dodgeball of course! I missed the event but below is the email I received. Don't ask me what Guilliard is because I don't know. Reminder! Juilliard’s First Homecoming Game is this Saturday (tomorrow) on the Plaza! Don’t let the rain discourage you. All weather reports state that it will stop by noon. 6pm Tailgating 7pm Pep Rally 7:30pm Dodgeball begins Come witness Juilliard BEAT Guilliard!

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