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Nov 30, 2005


Excellent post by QP on her blogging rules: Other rules have been. Do not try to explain. Do not shy away from the too personal or lines that could contain a story or character recognizablee to others. (disclaimer: that rule has been broken). Do not stop. Do accept comments and compliments and continue. Do put it out there, if it's been written with that feeling, put it out there. don't think too much. I think it's a good rule for art in general. To put it out there, not to shy away from what is scary to you or be too concerned with what your family or friends will say when they see it.


P'tit Boo said...

Heh, that's been my rules too !

Hey, I think you should date that girl who write QP. She is pretty cool.;)

Adam said...

she's out of my league.

P'tit Boo said...

Oh yeah. Good point.