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Dec 30, 2005

I should be revising the play due in 2 days. Or writing the commissioned play I have not yet begun. But instead I'm doing this. i spent much of the last couple of days watching this brilliant sitcom on dvd called "Undeclared" It was inspiring. It's similar to entourage with less glamour and was written byt he same guy who did the short live Freak and Geeks which i vaguley remember. such great characters and so much time spent sitting there watching a season when I had work to do. Perhaps I'll start reading a book now. My high school friend is in a band called the Chuck Hestons and they just got a rave review on their albumn from the biggest paper around, the hartford courant. Apparently they sent out their cds with notes scribbled in blue crayon saying "This is our professional press kit" Read the article here http://www.ctnow.com/music/hce-sound1229.artdec29,0,2839844.column?coll=hce-utility-music i totally had something I wanted to say but completely have forgotten what it was.

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P'tit Boo said...

Hi Adam!

Has Deflowering Waldo been produced anywhere yet ?
I really like it...