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Dec 26, 2005

tales of a disaffected elf and his disgruntled reindeer friend

I found out at Xmas that many of my relatives read my blog which I find both flattering and slightly unsettling. (Mostly concerned that I may censor myself, however that isn't usually one of my problems.) I even got some presents prompted by a blog entry. (Thanks for the mocassins L and N and A and L!) K and I took an adventure to the shops of CT and we purchased many wonderful things at borders and I even got some writing done at the cafe table. Only a bit more left to get to the end of my Cowboy Hamlet and then got to go back and fill in some and got to turn in the draft on Jan 2. I work too hard. I never truly have vacations. I wonder if I want them. ----- piece from Manifest Western: (In the saloon. BEAR and KATRINA are drinking. EDDIE is behind the bar.) KATRINA Not so close to Bear, please. He is dangerous bear. BEAR Nothing personal. It’s just my nature. KATRINA You understand. EDDIE Sure. KATRINA He understands. BEAR I’ll have another, please. KATRINA Me too. EDDIE Sure. Sure. (pouring drinks) So how long you folks stickin’ around? KATRINA Soon we go. We have to get back to work. Work. Work. It’s all there is to do. All the time. For your whole life it is work and sleep and eating. And then you die. But Bear and I will die laughing. We like to laugh. BEAR Yes. KATRINA Everything is very funny. BEAR Yes. KATRINA We find everything very funny. BEAR Yes. EDDIE I haven’t seen you laugh. KATRINA We laugh later. (BEAR nods in agreement and they both drink. Enter HERBIE.) HERBIE This is the moment. It’s this moment. This hour this second stretches before me. My eyes are peeled grapes. My insides blind earthworms. All of them slithering around looking at their watches. KATRINA Not too close to Bear. HERBIE I’m not afraid. Who calls me coward? Look at me. I showed up. I am here to shoot at a woman. Does a coward do that? Don’t look at me. Stop looking at me. KATRINA Stop looking at him. BEAR I’m not. EDDIE You want a drink, to steady yourself? KATRINA Yes, I better have one. BEAR Me too. KATRINA Bear too.

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