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Apr 2, 2006

ist draft of new scene--plot, plot, plot

LIZ I’m sure you know that our drop site was compromised last night. GARY No, I didn’t know. LIZ You didn’t know that the building in which you hid the documents for me to find burned down last night? GARY It did? LIZ You didn’t know this. GARY No, I didn’t. LIZ We find that hard to believe. GARY It’s true. LIZ It just so happens that you’re late getting us some information and then it so happens that when you do drop it off, the place burns down? GARY Odd, isn’t it? LIZ I don’t suppose you have a copy of this information we’re waiting on. GARY No, of course not. It could be traced back to me. Destroy any evidence you said—make only one copy. LIZ I know what I said. GARY It will take a while for me to get information like that again. LIZ You know what we think? We think you’re trying to sever ties with us. GARY No. No. LIZ You know you can’t do that, right? We sever ties with you, not the other way around. GARY I understand. LIZ And you don’t want us to sever ties with you if you catch my meaning. GARY What do you mean? LIZ Never mind what I mean. GARY But. LIZ You know what I mean. GARY Yes. But I didn’t start the fire. I swear. LIZ We find that hard to believe. GARY I’m going to find out who started that fire and then you’ll see. LIZ You are, are you? GARY Yes. LIZ OK, I’ll give you a couple days. Bring this arsonist to us and if we believe you we’ll go easy on you. But in the meantime, get that long overdue information to us. GARY I’ll try. LIZ You do that. And if I don’t see results early next week, I’m going to send someone to come find you. You don’t want that. GARY You won’t have to do that. LIZ Good. I’m glad we understand one another. It was good to meet you in Austria and good to see you again this evening. GARY Yes, I so enjoyed the orchestra and reacquainting myself with you. (Exit GARY.)

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P'tit Boo said...

Ooh Liz and Gary...
I hope you keep their tension going a while.
Hot stuff.