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Apr 4, 2006

today, tomorrow and all week

My time is parceled out. 7 1/2 hours to sleep. 2 hours to wake up, shower, get dressed, write a scene, drink some tea, eat some toast and leave. one hour to commute to my job. 15 minutes to email before starting to work. one hour of lunch. Leave work early? Have to make up for it another day. Run to rehearse reading at Juilliard. An hour to rehearse a 90 minute play. Well, less than an hour because someone will be late and they need time before the reading starts. 40 minutes to rehearse. 25 minutes to be nervous before the reading. 90 minutes to watch the reading. 30 or so minutes to talk about the reading with the people who have stayed. By then it's 9 or 9:30. time for a drink? not If I want 7 1/2 hours of sleep. maybe just one. well, maybe another one too. I'll just set my alarm to a later time. and I won't write tomorrow. and I will be half awake for work. I will sleep on my lunch break. I will sleep through the play I will see tomorrow. I will sleep through dinner. i will not sleep. i will write.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm so busy! Boo-hoo-hoo-hoo!

Just drink some coffee and try to keep up, you!

(Also, be careful about falling asleep at plays. Some ushers have cattle prods. It's not pretty.)

Enrique Urueta said...

A scene a day? That's dedication.

Adam said...

thanks, anonymous, I'll watch out for that.

E, Got to be dedicated if you want to be a little Greenberg. some of them are short scenes though--all of them really.