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Apr 19, 2006

this Wed

I took a workshop with P Vogel at the Flea a month or two ago and it was very inspirational in many ways but one thing that she said that I'm thinking about a great deal was that we have to stick together as playwrights. We have to form groups and support each other and I think that's partially what this blog thing is about for me.

It's about getting angry and about getting excited about things going on in our theatre world and then sharing it with one another and talking about it incessantly.

I do most of my talking (ranting) offline with theatre friends and in my playwright groups but I just wanted to say I appreciate the intelligent talk and the outrage and the joy expressed here in the blogworld.

That's all. Thanks.

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Ben Ellis said...

Ditto! Ibid! Passim! Er... whatever the appropriate Latin exclamation is.