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May 24, 2006

Don't miss this wed 5/31at Clubbed Thumb


Take 5 Wednesday, May 31

We ring in the festival on Wednesday, May 31st at 8pm with TAKE 5, featuring 16 five-minute playlets based on the last half-decade. These past five years have included more change than most, but in the shadow of all the Time Magazine-sized events are equally interesting stories, from the papers as well as from our own lives. People lose all their hair, paper fortunes are lost, waves of diet programs sweep the nation, seemingly ubiquitous celebrities disappear from view, extreme weather cycles shift. Come to the Ohio by 8pm on the 31st for this special (and we mean that in a slightly mysterious way) presentation, and help us usher in our 11th festival of new work.

Featuring the works of David Adjmi, Scott Adkins, Deron Bos, Andy Bragen, Kirsten Greenidge, Jason Grote, Kristin Kosmas, Julie Marie Myatt, Kristen Palmer, Molly Rice, Sonya Sobieski, Adam Szymkowicz, Alison Tatlock, Chris Wells, Gary Winter, and Anna Ziegler.

Direction by Scott Adkins, Sarah Benson, Sam Buggeln, Mallory Catlett, Shana Gold, Maria Goyanes, Josh Hecht, Kristin Kosmas, Brooke O'Harra, Katie Pearl, Mike Shapiro, Sarah Sunde, Chris Wells, and Paul Willis.


Enrique Urueta said...

rock on! hope it goes well. Can I read your play?

Say hi to Molly and Andy for me

tdawg said...

way to go punk.
you will one day have a play at every possible space in this city all happening at the same time.
can I audition for all of them?

Adam said...

thanks, e. yes, t-dawg audition for all of them. be in all of them. playing the same character.

enrique, the play is below on the blog. it's called the question.