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May 30, 2006

Fwd: If you were in the street on fire, I'd put you out with gasoline

I got this email today from a company selling viagra etc. I find it completely insane. Look at the subject of the email. Sounds like a death threat, doesn't it? there's a play in here somewhere, I swear.

Fwd: If you were in the street on fire, I'd put you out with gasoline



---- only just married, could not decline the gift. His mother, whohad her own separate property, had allowed Alexey every yeartwenty thousand in addition to the twenty-five thousand he hadreserved, and Alexey had spent it all. Of late his mother,incensed with him on account of his love affair and his leavingMoscow, had given up sending him the money. And in consequenceof this, Vronsky, who had been in the habit of living on thescale of forty-five thousand a year, having only received twentythousand that year, found himself now in difficulties. To getout of these difficulties, he could not apply to his mother formoney. Her last letter, which he had received the day before,had particularly exasperated him by the hints in it that she wasquite ready to help him to succeed in the world and in the army,but not to lead a life which was a scandal to all good society.His mother's attempt to buy him stung him to the quick and madehim feel colder than ever to her. But he could not draw backfrom the generous word when it was once uttered, even though hefelt now, vaguely foreseeing certain eventualities in hisintrigue with Madame Karenina, that this generous word had beenspoken thoughtlessly, and that even though he were not married hemight need all the hundred thousand of income. But it wasimpossible to draw back. He had only to recall his brother'swife, to remember how that sweet, delightful Varya sought, atevery convenient opportunity, to remind him that she rememberedhis generosity and appreciated it, to grasp the impossibility oftaking back his gift. It was as impossible as beating a woman,stealing, or lying. One thing only could and ought to be done,and Vronsky determined upon it without an instant's hesitation:

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