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Jun 22, 2006

Nerve closes on the 1st.

Food For Fish opens on the 6th.

Hope you can come.

I'm very happy with the Nerve production and very happy with how rehearsals are going for F4F. And they are VERY different kinds of plays. One is nothing like the other so I think assumptions about one based on the other just aren't going to work. The only solution is to see both.


Jamespeak said...

Two plays back-to-back? That's insane!

Adam said...

yes. and Pretty Theft in DC at the end of July too.

I'm tired.

Jamespeak said...

I would imagine! I'm tired just hearing about your schedule.

At any rate, congratulations.

D said...

Hey - will you be in attendance for your closing weekend? Still figuring out the schedule now that I've resurfaced in the city.