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Jun 21, 2006


I am in a sort of self-imposed hibernation. Trying to write something new. Trying to see my show--trying to get other people to see my show and trying to go to rehearsals for other show.

I had yesterday and today off and used it to write letters and start a new play--you know that crazy ubu santa thing I've been offhandedly mentioning? Oh, you don't? Remember those crazy pictures a few months back? Well, I'm working on that. And I need to write a one man show and a film. i have what I think is a great film idea and I'm dying to work it through but there are only so many hours in the day and 8 of them are at work (and two of them are to and from work)

and then there are the plays I saw that were great (Dead City, Quail, the new Anne Wasburn...) and the ones I still have to see (off the top of my head, Jason Grote's Walmart play, James Comtois' show, The Most Wonderful Love, Gary Winter play, Hunka play coming up and I'm sorry if I'm forgetting someone. Plays at EST? The Production Company has a bunch of shorts. Did I miss those?) I'm in a fog still.


Mark said...

Nope. Weeks two and three are yet to come. I'm directing a Steve Belber play this week and a Liz Meriwether play next week. Hope you can come!

Adam said...

I will try.