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Aug 13, 2006

Dear Readers,

I have been approached to advertise on my blog for cash money. Should I do this? I did not start blogging as a money making venture but god knows the playwriting is not raking it in for me. ( not that this will allow me to quit my day job either)

What do you think? Is it morally bankrupt? I don't think it would affect my content in the slightest. but it is annoying. Ads annoy me. And I don't like capitalism but i do live in capitalist-daddy america and can't and I enjoy having money to pay rent and I enjoy owning things and being able to eat out sometimes.

Also I've been charging Matt Freeman for sometime to have his link on the blogroll. Sorry Matt.


Anonymous said...

How is it "morally" bankrupt? That makes no sense. It sounds like you read that phrase somewhere and thought it would be good to use.

Please explain.

Enrique Urueta said...

Oy...please remain anonymous.

Thank you.

Adam said...

Floyd, is that you? Remember we has this discussion yesterday about whether or not it was morally bankrupt to take your mother's blood while she was sleeping and sell it? you know what morally bankrupt means. floyd britchcraft, ladies and gentlemen, pulling a scott walters.

Freeman said...

Ignore that comment and perhaps it will go away.

I was approached to do so and did it without asking. No problems there. It's not even a lot of money. Don't sweat it. I mean hey you take my money, and you feel that's fair.

And so do I.

tdawg said...

just advertise on your myspace page. myspace IS morally bankrupt anyhow.

Jamespeak said...

I don't think putting ads on your site is in-and-of-itself unethical or morally bankrupt, but my guess is it can lead down ethically grey avenues. Independent film review James Berardinelli (that is, he writes reviews on an independent Web site, he doesn't just review indie movies) wrote on the subject last month, and talked about the inherent problems he would have with accepting the ad deals he's been offered.


Scroll down to the second entry entitled "Conflict of Interests."

The heart of the matter is how this will effect the content of your blog. Since you don't seem to write reviews on your blog (correct me if I'm wrong here, Adam), that may not be the problem Mr. Berardinelli has. If there's no explicit or implicit condition that you have to alter your content from the agreement you make, I'd say what's the harm in getting some extra income?

(Personally, though, I'd prefer to not end up getting flashy pop-ups every time I check out your site.)

Jason Grote said...

I briefly considered doing it, and didn't, because I thought it would look tacky, but I don't hold it against anyone else who does it. I also like the fact that there are some ad-free spaces in the world. It might not be a moral imperative, but I believe it makes the world an infinitesimal amount nicer.

I don't think Anonymous is Floyd - not smart enough.

Floyd said...

It wasn't me!!! HA!! LOL!! My mother and her blood. sigh. JASONGROTE are you sayng I'm smarter or not smart enough, huh, jasongrote?

Adam said...

I have added ads now as you can see if you choose to scroll down that far. I even added google ads because if I'm going to do this, why not go all out? But no pop-ups, K, James?

Jamespeak said...

Groovy. Thanks, Adam!

Tom Loughlin said...

There is something to be said for purity. Having seen the web go the same way as radio and TV and every other means of mass communication - that is, becoming yet another method for corporate America to shove its consumerist mentality down people's throats - I revel in sites which do not present me advertising. I still use MyWay, for example. My own site will never have advertising. My preference is for your site to remain advertisement-free as well, but of course, my preference in the end is meaningless. Ads will not prevent me from reading it, and as Parolles noted about virginity, perhaps an ad-free site is nothing but a withered pear in the end. -twl