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Oct 25, 2006

a poem

this is a poem I am deleting from my cowboy hamlet
play and replacing with something funnier. It is a
poem the dancing bear delivers so that the Hamlet can
watch his uncle's reaction. You know, that thing the
traveling players do? It's for that. Anyway, this no
longer cuts it, so here it is.

Once there was a bear
By the name of Mean Dean
He was the meanest bear
You have ever seen

He had long dark fur
Coals for eyes
Growls on his lips of enormous size

But his brother was better
In every manner
Stronger and sleeker
With paws like hammers
And a wife bear besides
Of enormous size
With soft red lips
And warm yellow eyes

Mean Dean decides
To perform fratricide
To be the biggest baddest bear
In town

So one day when
Brother bear turns his back
Mean Dean runs
With a drop-kick

And when brother is dead
Mean Dean eats his flesh
Takes his cave
Seduces his bearoness

The moral is
There is no moral
Because who can stop a bear?
Only a bullet perhaps
Between the eyes
To catch him unaware


Certainlia said...

This is excellent. Will you please write a whole play in this poem-form?

hpmelon said...

I am using this as a performance art piece. I will do it while riding a unicycle and drinking a martini. When the poem is done. I will sit on the edge of the stage and eat celery. Do you think the audience will go for it?

Adam said...

thanks, Lia. i have a 10 min play called goldentown on my site that is a dr. seuss like thing but i don't have the patience to do a full lengthg verse play like matt freeman for example.

Melon, I think the audience will go for that and if they don't go for it right away, maybe you should do it over and over until the applause reaches a crescendo.