Thursday, March 22, 2007


"The benefit will honor actor Jon Voigt (Coming Home,
Midnight Cowboy, Ali), and will feature the talents of
Steve Buscemi, Jon Bon Jovi, Sam Rockwell, Jamie-Lynn
Sigler, Aidan Quinn and Piper Perabo. The stars will
be featured in readings of two short plays - one by
Mike Dowling and the other by Adam Szymkowicz."

"Michael Imperioli — the Emmy-winning star of "The
Sopranos" and Studio Dante's co-artistic director with
his wife Victoria Imperioli — will introduce the
plays, which are by Mike Dowling and Adam Szymkowicz.
A live auction will be led by Imperioli's "Sopranos"
co-star Steve Schirripa. Professor Richard Brown of
the AMC series "Movies 101" will present the tribute
to Voight." --------------------- Update: I am told that my short play will star Steve Buscemi, Jon Bon Jovi, Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Jena Malone!


tdawg said...

dude! this is amazing. congrats!!

Adam said...