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May 10, 2007

the last juilliard class

We read my new play and it went over extremely well.
I was actually really worried about it and uncertain
but it was a big hit. Now I just sit back and wait
for the offers to roll in. That's what it's like to
be a playwright. You jsut write it and then everyone
finds out about it and wants to do it. You have to
hit them away with a stick.

"No, bad producer! Not until you get Kevin Spacey to
be in it! Go away! Bad!"


JJW said...

i thought you had only been there a year... didn't know it was coming to a close so soon. wow.

i haven't had a chance to read your play yet. i don't want you to think i'm one of those bufoons that says 'i've love to ready your play' and then you never hear from again. i've been ill. but i love the title page; i read that. :)

Adam said...

JJW, I am one of those bafoons. I have a huge stack of plays I have requested from playwrights and another big chunk on my desktop. I will read them, i swear, but it takes me forever.

diz said...

are you in the juilliard program?! how is it?!! i'd really like to apply again but i can't imagine i'd be able to afford to live in nyc without holding down a part-time job as well as going to school . . .

Adam said...

Hi Diz,

I previously went to columbia grad school so i have some serious loans to pay off and have had a full time job both years at juilliard. it's rough but it can be done.

Also it took me three times to get in.