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May 9, 2007


We live in an oligarchy. Was this always true and I
just never noticed? Has it become more true lately?

So depressed. Today is the last day of Juilliard. I
will miss it. sorely. so sad.

got to finish the play for the fringe and write that
ten min play for ars nova and then finish that novel
by August 17 and then write a screenplay and a new
play and somewhere in there revise all the things that
need revising.

Wish me luck.


Jamespeak said...

I don't know if it's always been true (maybe it has), but it's been true for a long, long while. Sigh.

Good luck.

Jaime said...

Good luck and happy graduation. (Does Juilliard have graduation?)

Adam said...

yes, jaime. It does. I'm even walking.

Laura said...

Good luck, or great luck. Even better.

hpmelon said...

The very best of luck.