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Nov 12, 2007

new scene, first draft as always

9 (NINA and LISA scour the streets in full Crimefighter getup. Normal city noises.) LISA There aren’t any accidents. NINA What? LISA No one is shouting at me. NINA Why would they shout at you? LISA Right. I mean I guess it’s this mask. They think I’m one of you. So they look but they don’t stare. They don’t run red lights or walk into passerbys. Because I’m a known quantity now. A Crimefighter. I can protect them. NINA Yes. LISA It feels great. I feel free. No one told me being anonymous was so much fun. NINA It’s one of the secrets of being a crimefighting hero. LISA What are the other secrets? NINA Oh, you’ll learn soon enough. Lots of free drinks. Cutting in line at the movies. LISA That already happens to me. NINA Oh. LISA But now it will be because of what I do instead of what I look like. NINA Oh. LISA No more men for me. NINA No? LISA How do you do it? NINA Oh, you get used to it. LISA I mean, there have been men? NINA Oh, sure. Sure. Well, no. Not in a long time. And honestly, I don’t miss it. Or rather, the job has taken over for providing me with that excitement. And there’s nothing that beats crimefighting. I don’t care what kind of sex you’ve had. LISA I’ve had lots of kinds. NINA We all have. Well, I haven’t, but you can’t go by me. I mean actually, the thing about me is, and please don’t say anything to the others— LISA I won’t. NINA The thing is, ever since my run in with Dr. X, well, it’s all I can think about. I can’t stop thinking about the doctor. Day and night. When I’m brushing my teeth. Even when—you know. LISA Oh. NINA Dr. X is just so exciting. And wrong. So exciting and wrong. I think the other girls have an inkling. Because I—I let him get away. I didn’t mean to. I paused. If you know me, you know I’m not someone who ever pauses. I run into any situation, burning building, shark infested pool without a thought. But I saw Dr. X and I paused, to the point of stopping even. And it was not revulsion I was feeling. Well, it was, but it was mixed with something else potent. I’m not sure what. They should bottle it if they could ever find a way to collect it. They’d make millions. LISA Who? NINA Exactly. (DR. X enters here as NINA’s memory and they look at each other.) NINA Just stood there, looking at me, with a doctor’s bag and a syringe. Dr. X showed no remorse. Remorseless. Soulless maybe. And it took my breath away. I’m terrified of what might happen the next time I run into the doctor. You have to be ready at all times to kill if necessary. But when I think—I’m not sure I could do it in this case. I dread our next meeting and at the same time I look forward to it more than anything in my entire life. You know what I mean? LISA Yes.

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