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Jan 2, 2008

I just realized

of the first 15 one act and full lengths I wrote (out of what is now 25), I only show two of them to anyone anymore. One of them is published and has been produced a few times. The other one has had a few readings. It makes me see that a lot of the plays I wrote were actually me learning how to write plays. Of the last 10 I've written, there is only one I don't show to people. So I guess I figured some stuff out. Of course maybe 10 plays from now I will stop showing some of those around too.


Anonymous said...

Okay, THIS makes me SO happy. I feel less alone in this now.

I've written 9 plays in under 3 years and I am now mortified by ALL of them. I can only see the flaws. Which I take as a really good sign of growth. I'm so much more interested in the plays I'm GOING to write.

Adam said...

me too. I'm bored with the ones I've written and also irritated they aren't being done more.