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Jan 2, 2008


What do you think of these titles?

Who A Heart Beats For


Why A Heart Beats


Open Heart




Travis Bedard said...

I vote "Why A Heart Beats".

It seems the most likely to be a show that will tell a story I like.

Who A Heart Beats For - might just be a syntax problem for me.

Why A Heart Beats - my winner.

Open Heart - Doesn't promise me darkness... though it does offer the distinct hope that the protagonist will be butterflied and laid open... this was my #2 ;)

Heartstopper - reminds me of Jennifer Love Hewitt... fairly or not.

flailinggirl said...

seconding "Why A Heart Beats" - i'd run to that one

Jaime said...

I don't mind ending sentences with prepositions, but the who/whom thing would bother me.

meeegan said...

"Why A Heart Beats" would be my first choice too.

My second was "Heartstopper," until Travis' comment ruined it for me.

Jennifer Love Hewitt. Ew.

Travis Bedard said...

To be clear - I understand that that is NOT the name of a JLH movie... just close...

Anonymous said...



it seduces me more - i want to see that play. some of the others give me a simple idea of the subject of the play, but 'heartstopper' gives me no idea other than a flavor and a sparked interest.

Adam said...

The problem with Heartstopper is that is sounds like a thriller and this is not a thriller.

Open Heart has a nice double meaning because it's about a heart doctor and about love among other things.

For Whom A Heart Beats is not so great because of the bell thing.

I'm concerned about Why A Heart Beats because I don't know that my play answers that question exactly. hmm.

Anyway, thanks everyone!

Ruben Carbajal said...

Late entry: how about Who The Heart Beats For?

Happy 2008! Congratulations on a year of triumphs...I'd love to buy you a coffee when you're feeling better.

Adam said...

I like it too but I'd hate to alienate lovers of language. yes, coffee sounds great. or tea.

tdawg said...

I'm with Carbajal.
'Who A Heart Beats For' is both poetic and enigmatic. It sounds good too.

Anonymous said...

Open Heart.

For Whom the Heart Beats. Heh heh. J/K.

Anonymous said...

Open Heart or Heartstopper.

Heartstopper doesn't ring as thrillerish to me as it does to you.

Open Heart hits the revitalization/green/hope vibe that's popping up lately, but may be passe real soon.

Why a Heart... and Who A Heart... just sound dated.

I vote Heartstopper.


Adam said...

Hope will pass, huh, Z? How pessimistic of you.