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Apr 18, 2008

nice post from melon

"Is it such a strange thing to believe that artists be paid for their job? It speaks to the entire question of the necessity of art. Try as people might to debate that question, it is fairly irrelevant, being that art does exist and has since the beginning of man, hence confirming that there is some innate need for it. Why we need it, is what makes it so damn interesting. Conversely, there is also an artist's need to do it. Doing great art is like doing crack. An addictive, supreme high. So you go searching for more." http://middleofthemelon.blogspot.com/2008/04/i-also-juggle.html


mbh said...

Yes, I would LOVE to make a living as a playwright (and I will eventually), but the truth is I write because I have to. It's an addiction. I bitch and moan all the time about the process, the system, theatres, and critics, but writing is like taking a shower every morning... if I don't I feel scrungy.



Adam said...

who makes a living as a playwright? really. do you know anyone who does? I know one guy who almost could but he said it would not be a good living. It would be like a college student. eating ramen all the time--he makes all his money on his many published plays. But apart from him, even the people who are successful aren't making a living that way.

Except the successful musical writers.

but i hear you. writing keeps me sane. my obsession with a project helps me somehow.

hpmelon said...

Thanks for linking Adam!