Monday, October 06, 2008

What is your definition of success?

This sounds like a question Isaac would ask, and maybe has. If so I apologize. But I'm interested in your answer. Playwrights, what makes you a success? A play on Broadway? A play of yours made into a film starring Robert Downey Jr? Writing a new play every year? A production a year? Critical success? Working with people you love? For me, right now, I want my work to be done all over the country by lots of small theaters. I want them in colleges. I'm excited about the idea of actors being introduced to theater through my work. Do I want large productions of my plays? Absolutely. But partially this is because only the plays with big productions get done all over the country. Do I want to reach a larger audience? Yes. Do I want to work in TV and Film. Yes. But I'm sort of blurry on what that entails. An off broadway show is success for sure. A staff job on a good show is success of course. Then what comes next? It all depends where you're standing what is ahead and what is behind and what is irrelevant. but please, tell me. What is success for you. Actors, Directors, Artists of all types, feel free to chime in.
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