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Nov 12, 2008

another Nerve review from Miami

This one is a bit bizarre. It doesn't seem like a negative review but I disagree with a lot of it. (though I haven't seen the production.) I'm also not sure why the writer keeps comparing it to Danny and the Deep Blue Sea. A couple of quotes: "Nerve's protagonists are not only more profoundly unbalanced than those in Danny, but also arguably the most fucked-up people ever to swap spit on a stage." Really? That can't be true. I mean perhaps flattering if true, but that statement just makes me think the writer hasn't seen too many plays. another one: "In Nerve, Elliot and Susan will not save each other; they will poison each other. This is not reciprocal healing, but the promise of infinite and eternal sickness. They will never call each other out or tend to hurts. Without the hurts, they might not need each other at all." and "Everybody who leaves the theater feels a little more naked, a little more vulnerable, and at least a little frightened. And anyone who denies that is either single, stupid, or hopelessly deluded." Wow, that seems just a little crazy. All the individuals in the audience have to respond the same way? With fear? I mean if that's true it's kind of cool, but I do think my play is a little more hopeful than that. Like these people will be okay someday despite everything. But that's just my opinion.

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