Tuesday, November 11, 2008

ok, I'm at it again

My question for you is what are the necessary pirate films to see. I got about 12 on netflix in various times and tones. but what am I missing? Suggestions?


Anonymous said...

The Pirate Movie.

It's magical.


kris marie said...

the muppet's Captain Hook.

E. Hunter Spreen said...

The Goonies
The Island
Doctor Who - The Pirate Planet
Johnny Quest: The Pirates from Below - it's on youtube in Portuguese. It's a must see.
Nate and Hayes
The Princess and the Pirate

Hotspur said...

Seriously though, try "Captain Blood," Errol Flynn's breakout role back in 1935. Movies don't get more fun.

Anonymous said...


Joshua James said...

Second Captain Blood.

And the original Treasure Island.

Michele said...

Are you back in the Twin Cities? you are welcome to borrow my copies of CAPTAIN BLOOD and THE SEA HAWK - Errol Flynn's finest!

Adam said...

thanks, everyone. Keep em coming!

JJW said...

what about

hpmelon said...

You know my affinity for pirates. The Princess Bride. Was there ever a hotter pirate than Carey Elwes?

meeegan said...

The Pirates of Penzance -- Linda Ronstadt for the kitsch factor, and who knew that Kevin Kline could carry a tune?