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Jan 3, 2015

THREE READINGS: NYC, Philly, Providence

upcoming play readings of new plays of mine

Jan 6, 8pm, New York, NY

Where You Can't Follow
 with Barefoot Theatre Company

Directed by Paul Schnee

David Deblinger
Sol Crespo
Kenneth King
Charlotte Pines

Westbeth Community Room
55 Bethune Street (or enter at 155 Bank Street, 1 block south)

Admission is $5 and includes drinks and snacks

Please RSVP to confirm your reservation as space is limited. To RSVP send an email with play title, number attending and contact info to: barefootrsvp at aol.com

Matt learns he has only a few weeks to live and tries to live the life he has always wanted. Most of all, he wants to fall in love before he dies. He leaves his old life and flies to Paris where he meets Josette, who says she will teach him what love is.

Jan 6, 7pm, Philadelphia, PA

Mercy at Azuka Theatre

1636 Sansom St,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103

Directed by Kevin Glaccum
With Mike Dees, Tim Dugan, Alex Keiper & Bob Lohrman

Orville is trying to get on with his life after his wife was killed in a car accident. His father is mostly taking care of his still unnamed infant daughter while his boss as work is aggressively trying to comfort him. Everything changes when he sees the man responsible for his wife's death. Is someone in this much pain capable of forgiveness?
Feb 3, 7:30 pm, Providence, RI

Mercy at Wilbury Theater Group

Southside Cultural Center
393 Broad Street
Providence, RI 02906

directed by Josh Short and Ben Jolivet

Starring Christina Saad Wolfskehl and more TBA

When Orville’s pregnant wife is hit by drunk driver, they are able to save the baby but not her. Orville’s father moves in to help with the baby and Orville tries to get his life back together. And then he happens to see the drunk driver on the street one day. He befriends him under an assumed name and buys a gun. Will Orville take revenge, kill himself or just have inappropriate sex with his boss?

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