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Jun 1, 2005

Wednesday I'm in love (and it's searing my brain)

Tonight we are beginning what I hope will be a fruitful casting process. Not too hard, right? A two-person play with young non-equity actors who are available for 3 months and are willing to work 3 hours a week for the company? Yeh, should be no problem. Wish me luck. VA is beautiful this time of year. May I recommend the Shenandoah National Park for all your hiking needs? And may I recommend Charlottesville as the cutest college town/quaint city. Brick and marble found in old Jefferson-designed buildings. And nobody does malls like c-town. And while I'm in the recommending mood, may I recommend this article about how love is like addiction. (scientifically) which brings me back to my play Nerve. (shameless plug) Did I mention I'm casting my two-person date play Nerve which I hope shows such an addiction. This is the same play which will be read this sunday at Kitchen Dog in Dallas. Might you want to produce it in your city as well? www.adamszymkowicz.com

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