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Jan 2, 2008

new scene, first draft as always

17 (NURSE 1 is eating doughnuts. NURSE 2 and 3 watch.) NURSE 2 You’ve been eating lots of doughnuts. NURSE 1 Not really. NURSE 3 Yes, really. NURSE 1 I know but I have good reasons. NURSE 2 What’s a good reason to eat so many doughnuts. NURSE 1 You know why I do it. It’s him. NURSE 3 You’re eating too many. It’s not good for you. that many doughnuts takes a toll on your heart. I know you think you can hurt your heart, get your arteries clogged, have a heart attack so he’ll operate on you, but that’s not the way. That way will lead you to nowhere but pain. NURSE 2 You need to let up on the doughnuts. We’ve all noticed. It’s become too much. We’re concerned. NURSE 1 You’re concerned? NURSE 2 This is an intervention. NURSE 1 It is? NURSE 3 Miriam wanted to come but she’s in surgery. NURSE 1 With a doctor. NURSE 2 Yes. NURSE 1 That you for your intervention. I’m touched. I’m warmed. My heart . . . But I don’t know how to fill myself if I stop eating doughnuts. I’m afraid I will cease to exist if I stop eating even for a minute. NURSE 2 We’re here to help you. NURSE 3 Tell us what you want us to do. NURSE 2 We can go out for a healthy lunch. Together. Would you like that? NURSE 1 OK. (Enter PETER, ecstatic) PETER It works! The heart works! (PETER hugs the NURSES, jumps up and down in celebration.) PETER The heartbeat is so strong, much stronger than I thought it would be. NURSE 1 That’s great! PETER I have to go tell Lisa! (PETER exits running.) (NURSE 1 breaks down and sobs. NURSE 2 offers her a doughnut.) NURSE 3 OK. It’s OK. We can have the intervention tomorrow.

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