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Dec 31, 2015

My 2015 in review

I wrote 3 full length plays this year.  Two of them were commissions, one from Texas State University which will go up with them in 2017 and the other from my friends at Flux Theater Ensemble who produced both Pretty Theft and Hearts Like Fists in New York.  I also wrote one ten minute play, one five minute film, and two 30 minute plays. 

I had 28 productions this year of my full length plays.  Up until now, I think my best year was 11.  Productions this year included 11 Hearts Like Fists, 9 Clown Bar,  3 Pretty Theft, 3 Nerve, 1  premiere of my youthplay, Adventures of Super Margaret and 1 workshop production of Where You Can't Follow.  Five of these productions were at high schools.  Ten were at colleges or universities.
Of these productions, seven came about through some previous relationship with a theater or theater artist.  The rest were found through word of mouth or because of publications.

I had 10 productions of short plays (2 ten minute plays, 8 thirty minute plays) and a production of my night of short plays 7 Ways To Say I Love You which if I counted them individually means I actually had 17 productions of short plays.  Except one, these were all high school or middle school productions.

I taught Web Series Writing for two semesters at Primary Stages' ESPA.

In June, I started a job as the Literary Manager at The Juilliard School, supporting the playwriting program there.

This year I went to the The Poconos, San Francisco, Bennington, VT; Charlottesville, VA; Saratoga Springs, NY; Portland, OR and Orange County, CA. Wallace had his first plane ride on our California adventure.

So far there are 15 productions of my full length plays planned for 2016 and one planned for 2017.  Some of them (those with dates set) are listed here.

The interviews continue.   The first 800 are here.  I did 93 interviews this year.  So I guess in 2 or 3 more years I can get to 1000 and then that would be 10 percent of American playwrights  . . . or 6 percent if the number I heard more recently, 15K, is closer to the truth.  There's a lot of us.

So I guess this was another busy year for me.  I am always feeling like I can't do as much as I want and I never get enough sleep but things are pretty good right now.  How are you?

Hope you have a Happy New Year!

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