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Dec 30, 2016

My 2016 In Review


Since '07 I've been doing this yearly wrap up on my blog basically about my writing and sometimes other things I've done in the year.  Here we go!

I wrote 2 3/4 full length plays in 2016 and a night of short plays.  I had a full length and short play commission. 

I had 21 productions this year of my full length plays.  (Down from 29 last year)  Productions this year included 8 Hearts Like Fists, 6 Clown Bar,  1 Pretty Theft, 1 Nerve, 3 Adventures of Super Margaret and workshop productions of Rare Birds and Kodachrome.  Five of these productions were at high schools.  Nine were at colleges or universities.

Of these productions, only one came about through some previous relationship. The rest were found through word of mouth or because of publications.  One came about from the New Play Exchange!

There were also 6 productions of my night of short plays 7 Ways To Say I Love You and a bunch of productions of other short plays.

photo by Joy Tomasko

This year I taught TV writing at NYU and Playwriting at Primary Stages' ESPA.

I continue to work as Literary Manager at The Juilliard School, supporting the playwriting program there.

This year I went to San Marcos, TX, Orange County, CA, Washington DC, and Nazareth PA to work on my plays and also went to Seattle, WA to see my wife's play at ACT.

So far there are 14 or so productions of my full length plays planned for 2017 and two or so planned for 2018.  Some of them (those with dates set) are listed here.  New York will see two premieres, one after another-- Marian in Jan/Feb (directed by Kelly O'Donnell) will be produced by Flux Theater who did Pretty Theft and Hearts Like Fists.  Rare Birds in March/April (Directed by Scott Ebersold who directed the first Nerve) will be produced by Red Fern.  And 3, maybe 4 other premieres coming up.

The playwright interviews continue.  The first 900 are here.  I did 93 interviews this year.  So I guess in a year or two,  I can get to 1000.  And maybe I stop then.

Hope you have a Happy New Year!

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